Usage: xnvme <command> [<args>]

Where <command> is one of:

  list             | List devices on the system
  enum             | Enumerate devices on the system
  info             | Retrieve derived information for given device
  idfy             | Execute an User-defined Identify Command
  idfy-ns          | Identify the given Namespace
  idfy-ctrlr       | Identify the given Controller
  idfy-cs          | Identify the Command Sets supported by the controller
  log              | Retrieve a User-defined Log
  log-erri         | Retrieve the error-information log
  log-health       | Retrieve the S.M.A.R.T. / Health information log
  log-fdp-config   | Retrieve the FDP configurations log
  log-ruhu         | Retrieve the reclaim unit handle usage log
  log-fdp-stats    | Retrieve the FDP statistics log
  log-fdp-events   | Retrieve the fdp-events log
  feature-get      | Execute a Get-Features Command
  feature-set      | Execute a Set-Features Command
  set-fdp-events   | Enable or disable all events
  format           | Format a NVM namespace
  sanitize         | Sanitize...
  fdp-ruhs         | Retrieve the Reclaim Unit Handle Status
  fdp-ruhu         | Reclaim Unit Handle Update for a Placement Identifier
  pioc             | Pass a used-defined IO Command through
  padc             | Pass a user-defined ADmin Command through
  library-info     | Produce information about the library
  dsm              | Dataset Management
  subsystem-reset  | Resets the subsystem
  show-regs        | Show controller-registers
  ctrlr-reset      | Resets the controller
  ns-rescan        | Rescans the nvme namespaces

See 'xnvme <command> --help' for the description of [<args>]

xNVMe - Cross-platform NVMe utility -- ver: {major: 0, minor: 7, patch: 4}